451 Research: CohesiveFT releases cloud security service VPN-Cubed

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Analyst: Karin Kelley
29 Oct, 2008

CohesiveFT announced VPN-Cubed, a security offering for cloud computing. VPN-Cubed lets an enterprise datacenter administrator create a custom encrypted LAN between virtual machines in a private cloud, as well as an encrypted WAN across multiple public clouds. The base package includes a virtual server firewall, management services through the company’s Elastic Server platform and up to 50 virtual servers. VPN-Cubed is the successor to the company’s Open Source VCubeV project, which has been available for over a year. It is hypervisor-agnostic, works with most operating systems, and available on clouds including Amazon EC2, Flexiscale, GoGrid and Mosso.

By: Margaret Valtierra