Gartner: Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing Management and Professional Services, 2009

Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing Management and Professional Services, 2009

CohesiveFT, Chicago, Illinois, USA ( )

Analysis by Lydia Leong and David Cearley

Why Cool: Founded in 2006, CohesiveFT provides tools to build and manage applications on virtualized infrastructures. CohesiveFT’s Elastic Server platform allows companies to assemble virtual servers from components, then easily deploy and manage them on public clouds and within an enterprise deployment of virtualized infrastructures. These application stacks can be output in formats suitable for deployment on VMware, Xen, Parallels or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Users are encouraged to share their stacks with the CohesiveFT community, and users looking for common stacks, such as Ruby on Rails, will find a rich selection of templates available to them. CohesiveFT is cloud-agnostic, although it has partnerships with a variety of cloud providers. It also offers a product called VPN-Cubed, which provides an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) between virtual servers running in different physical locations, allowing customers to securely share data among multiple clouds, and to obtain cross-cloud load-balancing and failover.

Challenges: CohesiveFT is focused on one aspect of cloud management, while other vendors are taking a more comprehensive approach. CohesiveFT and other niche vendors will face increasing pressures as cloud management matures. The CohesiveFT environment is dependent on its community to define and validate stacks, and it is unclear whether a large, robust and vibrant community will emerge quickly enough to establish a viable and unique niche.

Who Should Care: IT infrastructure architects and system administrators interested in methods to create and manage infrastructure templates that are portable across multiple cloud platforms and virtualization technologies will find CohesiveFT of interest.

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By: Margaret Valtierra