Cohesive Wins 2013 Public Cloud Services & Infrastructure Award from the International Datacenters Awards

We were honored at the 6th Annual International Datacenters Awards in London – CohesiveFT won the award category for Public Cloud Services & Infrastructure.

“The need for business application-layer security remains universal, and largely unanswered by IaaS and Cloud vendors,” said CohesiveFT CEO Patrick Kerpan. “By combining VNS3 Overlay SDN with IaaS provider infrastructure security features, our customers are able to create and control a multidimensional security solution.”IDCC Awards_2

The International Datacenters Award, called “the Oscars of the datacentre industry” focus on recognising excellence across the datacentre and cloud sector. “The quality of entry this year was among the highest ever at the 2012 event. This reflects both the growth and confidence of the datacentre sector across Europe,” wrote chairman of the Judges Panel, Ashley Davies.

The Public Cloud Services & Infrastructure Award recognises a company with a demonstrable track record established in the last 12 months that can be used as an exemplar to the global datacentre industry that has achieved transformation of traditional compute.

About the CohesiveFT Recognition: CohesiveFT and VNS3

The need for business application-layer security remains universal, and largely unanswered by IaaS and Cloud vendors. CohesiveFT and VNS3 address enterprise IT concerns and pain points such as data encryption in third party environments, network privacy, and access and control from the business application perspective. Businesses looking to migrate to the cloud, connect securely to data centers or across clouds, or move legacy applications to the cloud use the CohesiveFT solutions.

The software-defined networking (SDN) feature of our SDN product, VNS3, gives cloud users access, visibility and control from the application layer. VNS3 is totally unique because it’s a hybrid of five devices in one: a router, switch, firewall, IPsec/SSL VPN concentrator, protocol redistributor and dynamic and scriptable SDN. It can be configured “in a mesh,” so it can extend to multiple sites at once. VNS3 separates network location and network identity, which translates into agility and mobility for cloud users. Encrypted data-in-motion and site-to-site IPsec connectivity allow the user to extend an existing network to any cloud environment.

CohesiveFT solutions have allowed customers to build over 32,000 server templates with Server3, launch 1.2 Million servers to multiple clouds (AWS, IBM SmartCloud, etc) and log over 37 Million virtual network device hours with VNS3. CohesiveFT is poised to grow in 2013 with upcoming contracts worth over $3M in addition to existing subscription-based customers.


By: Margaret Valtierra