Life in the Cloud: Production-ready partner networks

The mobile market landscape
One of the most active areas for our customer base is the confluence of mobile and financial services.  Mobile financial services can be as simple as prepaid cards, mobile top up cards, all the way up to full-blown online banking. In this case, we have a customer who had some very innovative services, and they needed to connect to various sites. 
They had a partner and customer networks already. But the multiple customer sites and locations were run independently, controlled separately, and needed to be secured from each other so no data overlapped. But it all had to all connect into the common network. 

Multi-tenant cloud networks save the day 
On the customer’s side, they effectively needed the ability to better a run multi-tenant network over the public cloud, but with enough security to prevent any doubts from their partners and customers. Their customers are telcos, so their expectations and networking requirements are incredibly rigorous and require particular types of networking addressing schemes and protocols.

Telco networks without the upfront costs and hardware
To help our customer, we helped them work with telco partners with public cloud flexibility. Traditional telco networking would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to even millions.  Instead, our customer was able to rapidly bring to market their Internet-based services, mobile banking, to a much wide array of customers. They connected to their APAC / Asia Pacific telco partners on very economically, and very quick and secure. 

Production ready!

A key take away for us was how this solution is production ready. A hallmark of what we work on is production ready projects that are very customer-aware. 

By: Margaret Valtierra