HP Cloud Services Webinar: Using Public Cloud as a Private Data Center

Using Public Cloud as a Private Data Center – November 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Do you dread the lack of security in the cloud? Want to securely run business operations in a public cloud? Are you looking to overcome connectivity hurdles and create a highly secure and controlled cloud infrastructure?

If so, join HP Public Cloud and CohesiveFT on Thursday  Nov 21  at 11.00 AM PDT for a webinar on using Public Cloud as a private data-center and learn how to efficiently extend your network to the cloud and to create a hyper secure cloud environment.
The webinar will include customer case studies and a demo to share information on:
  • How to securely extend into the cloud and manage it like an on-prem datacenter
  • How to focus on an application centric view of integration, governance and security
  • How to gain control over your cloud network using VNS3 SDN capabilities
Presenters Patrick Kerpan, CEO and co-founder of CohesiveFT and  Michael Murphy, Solution Engineer at HP Cloud, will share their insights that will enable you expand your network into the cloud and manage it securely as an on-prem datacenter.
UPDATE: this video has been removed from HP (HPE) websites.

By: Margaret Valtierra