VNS3 3.5 with Docker Technology, Trend Micro Integration, and Route Robot Now Generally Available

Create Customizable, Flexible Cloud Network Platforms in All Major IaaS Clouds

CHICAGO, IL USA – April 29, 2014 – CohesiveFT today announced the general availability of VNS3 version 3.5. The release features Docker-powered container engine, Trend Micro Deep Security software integration, and the client-side routing robot. VNS3 3.5 simplifies network management and brings application control inside a secure overlay network. The latest release of CohesiveFT VNS3 enables customers to add network function application containers to VNS3 virtual machines to allow greater customization and control of their cloud networks.

CohesiveFT customers use VNS3 to tailor virtual networking functionality to specific use cases in public, private, and hybrid clouds. VNS3 3.5 allows enterprise customers to:

  • Quickly and easily add custom network functions by deploying Docker containers inside a VNS3 Manager;
  • Use client-side automatic routing agents to dynamically manage cloud network modifications, saving time and resources while increasing network uptime; and,
  • Seamlessly integrate with Trend Micro Deep Security central management platform to simplify and streamline security operations across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

VNS3 3.5 was initially offered as a private alpha to qualified customers in January 2014. Release notes: find out more about the technology behind the VNS3 3.5 update at

Customer Value:
CohesiveFT customers have been driving the technical updates with VNS3 in real world use cases including the Docker features, a client-side routing agent, and the Trend Micro integration.

“With version 3.5 we save both time and resources by connecting our networks and integrating with our existing network management tools, such as Trend Micro,” wrote Pega Cloud Director of Business Development Sashi Desikan.

VNS3 3.5 is available in the Amazon Marketplace and the HP Public Cloud Marketplace. VNS3 is available in the following public clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services VPC, Google Compute Engine (GCE), HP Cloud Services (HPCS), IBM SoftLayer, Terremark vCloud Express, ElasticHosts, CloudSigma, Flexiant, Rackspace, InterRoute, and Abiquo. VNS3 in available in the following private clouds: Openstack, Flexiant, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, and virtual Infrastructure environments VMware (all formats), Citrix, Xen, and KVM.
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Pricing: VNS3 3.5 editions are available in a self-service free edition for most public clouds. Paid versions include Lite for data centers or cloud-only editions, SME edition, and Enterprise editions. For more pricing details, visit:

About VNS3

VNS3 helps enterprises extend corporate and data center networks to public, private, and hybrid cloud. VNS3 customers have successfully co-created nearly 5,000 secure and interoperable solutions that work in and across clouds. CohesiveFT and VNS3 help over 700 enterprise customers become cloud-powered businesses. Successful use cases include meeting compliance requirements, attesting to data security, and controlling and managing deployments after implementation.

VNS3 is an overlay networking device that allows users to control addressing, topology, protocols and encrypted communications for business applications in any cloud environment. Enterprise users can run applications and manage cloud-based servers as if they are running in an on-premise data center. VNS3 adds secure, encrypted VPN connections to extend customer networks to any cloud.

About CohesiveFT
CohesiveFT is the original cloud networking company. We have been helping enterprise organizations run production systems in the cloud since 2008. With VNS3, our network routing and security solution customers can extend networks to create hybrid clouds. VNS3 delivers Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) anywhere customers don’t control and manage hardware.


By: Margaret Valtierra