Cloud World Series Names VNS3 Best Security Solution 2014

Cloud World Forum Awards Celebrate Cohesive Cloud Networking Product

LONDONUK – 18 June, 2014 – The Cloud World Series yesterday awarded CohesiveFT’s cloud networking product, VNS3, the Best Security Solution. The award was part of the Cloud World Forum event in London, where CohesiveFT are exhibiting, presenting and giving away a Raspberry Pi.

CohesiveFT VNS3 selected as finalist for Cloud World Series Awards, Best Security SolutionAbout the Product:

CohesiveFT’s flagship product, VNS3, is a software-only virtual network device. VNS3 can be delivered as part of the application deployment in any virtualized infrastructures, including most public, private and hybrid clouds.

VNS3 is different from other networking products because it creates a customer-controlled network on top of underlying cloud networks. This “overlay network” opens up cloud computing for even more possibilities, including ways to connect and secure data centers and businesses not allowed in public cloud networks.

Unlike hardware vendors, our customers can control their cloud-based projects using their own software. With VNS3, enterprise customers can guarantee secure access between their corporate data centers and cloud-based systems. Previously, security and networking software could not guarantee this level of access and accountability for enterprise users.

In the last year alone, CohesiveFT and VNS3 won the  2014 DCS Awards for Datacentre ICT Networking Product of the Year, the 7th Global Security Challenge Summit pitch competition, were named Runners Up in the Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards, won the 2013 International Datacenter & Cloud Awards, were named runners up in the 2013 Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards, and were listed in the 2013 Top 100 Cloud Service Providers from Talkin’ Cloud.

VNS3 Use Cases: 

Fortune 1000 companies in a wide range of industry verticals including healthcare, financial services, energy, telecomm, and public sector use VNS3 to operate vital cloud-based business systems. VNS3 gives customers cloud mobility and agility without compromises for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Enterprises can easily and securely capitalize on the cloud and secure every aspect of their cloud network through VNS3 software.VNS3 helps  enterprises guarantee secure access to the corporate data centers and cloud-based systems. VNS3 helps customers in regulated industries guarantee their data security by encrypting end-to-end for all data in transit and data in motion, in addition to what the public cloud providers offer.

VNS3 frees enterprise cloud computing users from underlying hardware and geography constraints. VNS3 allows customers in finance, healthcare, government and other highly regulated industries to operate, control, and configure networks without physical access to hardware. VNS3 3.5 is available in the Amazon Marketplace and the HP Public Cloud Marketplace. 

VNS3 is available in the following public clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services VPC, Google Compute Engine (GCE), HP Cloud Services (HPCS), IBM SoftLayer, Terremark vCloud Express, ElasticHosts, CloudSigma, Flexiant, Rackspace, InterRoute, and Abiquo. VNS3 in available in the following private clouds: Openstack, Flexiant, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, and virtual Infrastructure environments VMware (all formats), Citrix, Xen, and KVM. Contact CohesiveFT for access.

About the Cloud World Series Awards

The Cloud World Series Awards are a celebration of the drive, innovation and hard work in the global cloud computing industry. This year’s awards feature 6 categories, recognising services from across the Cloud ecosystem. Delegates will come from 70+ countries to meet 190+ of the leading solution providers at our global expo at Olympia National in Central London where the Awards ceremony will take place! For more on the winners, visit



By: Margaret Valtierra