Retail technology company connects cloud-based resources into single overlay

Quantum Retail, a cloud-based retail data analysis SaaS company, needed more than what the pubic cloud offers. To properly link internal infrastructure across clouds, Quantum Retail needed encrypted connections with both IPsec edge connectivity and SSL/TLS VPN.

Quantum Retail began by connecting their own in-house infrastructure scaling needs to the AWS public cloud using VNS3.  VNS3 lets Quantum Retail manage and connect production systems on top of the flexibility of the AWS cloud without incurring major capital expenses.

With VNS3, Quantum Retail was able to create a secure, global virtual network for their existing internal IT and customer implementations across the public Internet and provided on-premise solutions for their retail data analysis and management products.

Quantum Retail now manages more than 100 cloud environments across a mix of development, internal IT, and customer implementation categories in a seamless “single network” mix. Quantum Retail now leverages the flexibility of public cloud without incurring major capital expense.

Read the full use case here. 

By: Margaret Valtierra