Events recommendation engine federates across Elastichosts data centers

The activity and event planning website uses Elastichosts to store data across multiple global data centers and relies on VNS3 to connect and replicate the underlying resources.

Challenge: Cloud migration with added connectivity DoToday, based in Sweden, allows people to search for activities, events, and local recommendations geared toward both tourists and locals. DoToday is both a website and a recommendation engine with updated delivered by email or SMS.
The company currently focuses on 3 cities in Sweden, but plans to expand to recommendations in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, Canada, and the US. While traffic is manageable today, the company needed to plan for rapid growth and uptime.

Solution: Elastichosts recommended DoToday use VNS3 to connect their resources based in Elastichosts data centers in Sydney, Dallas, and Amsterdam. The company wanted to expand from one data center cluster to 3 globally distributed regions within Elastichosts. VNS3 allows the company to manage private IP address to easily allow their MariaDB, Hazelcast, and Elasticsearch to replicated across Elastichosts data centers.

Outcome: DoToday has connected the 3 data centers into one logical network using VNS3. 3 VNS3 Controllers connect each global data center in one overlay network. Database clusters in Sydney can now quickly connect and replicate data in the data bases in Amsterdam for higher availability and failover capabilities.


About DoToday DoToday facilitates daily planning for anyone who wants to find fun things to do in their city. DoToday aims to reach temporary visitors as well as long time residents, and should be able to show something new even for persons who think they know their town inside out. To be able to do this, DoToday registers not only the well known landmarks and tourist sights in the city centre, but also activities, places and not so well known sights that might not be the most obvious – to give you the full picture of what the town offers!


Read the full use case here.

By: Margaret Valtierra