Business Cloud: Cohesive raises the cloud perimeter

Cohesive Networks releases VNS3:turret to help IT departments ring fence their cloud based applications.

Cohesive Network VNS3 product coverage
Written by Ian Murphy on 22 January 2015 in News

One of the major challenges of moving an application to the cloud is extending the corporate security controls to the application. Cloud vendors are quick to suggest you don’t need to do this as they are more secure than you can afford to be but there is no real evidence of this. Cohesive Networks, formerly known as CohesiveFT, have released the latest product in their VNS3 family, VNS3:turret.

VNS3:turret combines several of the companies products into a single solution designed to help companies ring fence their cloud-based applications. Each application gets its own secure network with all traffic being encrypted and managed by VNS3:turret. In addition, adaptive compression helps to reduce the size of the traffic flowing around the network reducing the cost of cloud traffic.

One of the key target areas for VNS3:turret is what is dubbed East-West traffic. This starts when an exploit breaches the outer perimeter of security that companies erect around their networks. The exploit is then able to move from application to application with minimal difficulty. Many of these exploits are now achieved by infecting the laptops and devices that users take home. Once these are plugged into the corporate network an exploit often finds itself already inside the corporate perimeter.

According to Cohesive Networks, the micro perimeter created by VNS3:turret offers five different security features:

  • Segment applications to eliminate east-west vulnerability
  • Isolate each application with a micro-perimeter
  • Provide highly available application-centric networks
  • Secure interior traffic with secure edges and encrypted security controllers
  • Track network status with automated compliance reporting

The product is licensed on a 12 month subscription which covers up to 10 critical applications of less than 50 servers per application. This makes it ideal for mid-sized and even large enterprise applications.

Cohesive Networks now claimed that their product suite gives them coverage of all the key cloud platforms available today. VNS3:turret will support both the Virtual Infrastructure and Private cloud boxes in the image above. How long before it seamlessly covers Public cloud providing a comprehensive cloud application security wrapper?

By: Margaret Valtierra