CIO Names Cohesive Networks in 2015 Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies

Cohesive Networks: Providing Connectivity, Integration and Security for Hybrid Clouds

“There is a longstanding belief that ownership of an infrastructure would ensure security. However, IT organizations today face a cognitive dissonance provoked by the growing realization that data centers are not necessarily secure,” says Patrick Kerpan, CEO and co-founder, Cohesive Networks. Within a ¬†data center all data is moved in plain text around inside network and encryption is don only for special circumstances. Addressing this plight with an application centric approach to security is Cohesive Networks – a cloud-native security and network company whose product moves well into the DevOps movement.

“We are a value added complement – a new part of the defense in depth strategy for securing cloud and data center infrastructure. Our product, VNS3, is a software-only network security appliance¬†that creates a security perimeter around individual application deployments,” says Kerpan. The foundation to Coheisve’s security approach is “all encryption.”

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By: Margaret Valtierra