Microsoft Infopedia with Cohesive Networks “Secure Your Azure Cloud Deployments with VNS3 Overlay Networks”

Secure Your Azure Cloud Deployments with VNS3 Overlay Networks


Learn how adding an overlay network to your Microsoft Azure cloud environment can boost security and connectivity. As your cloud environment grows with your business, your network becomes more important and complex. An overlay network, a software-only network over the top of existing Azure cloud resources, can add controls for enhanced encryption, monitoring, interoperability, and connectivity. You can create and manage your overlay network using VNS3 from Cohesive Networks. VNS3 is a customizable, layer 4 – 7 virtual networking device you can control to better manage and secure your Azure networks. Connect regions into one logical network, connect directly to customers or partners using secure IPsec tunnels, and ensure encryption for your network components to meeting industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI, or FIPS. VNS3 even lets you connect your Azure subnets into other cloud providers’ availability zones for truly hybird cloud flexibility. Join Cohesive Networks CEO and CTO for an in-depth look at overlay networks in Azure, along with real-life demos of our most popular use cases.

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By: Margaret Valtierra