CEO Patrick Kerpan featured on Meet Advisors “Connecting to the Cloud” Podcast series

CEO Patrick Kerpan joined Ron Zirkin of XO Communications in the second-ever episode of the Meet Advisors podcast series “Connecting to the Cloud.” In the interview, Patrick and Ron discuss the foundation of Cohesive Networks, when cloud computing was just beginning to revolutionize IT and businesses. Ron asks Patrick, “what should businesses consider in terms of security and IT planning as they move to the cloud?” “We ran into companies who said ‘We’re never going to virtualize’ and now they’re moving to the cloud. So we figured out that ‘never’ meant 5 years” replies Patrick Kerpan.

Throughout the 6 minute video, Patrick goes on to predict how cloud computing will change all businesses – from Apple to mobile. Watch the full video here at the MeetAdvisors website.

By: Margaret Valtierra