VNS3 wins Cloud Innovation World Cup 2015 Industry 4.0 Award

VNS3 promotes innovation, leads the way in embedding technology to advance industry

New York / Munich / London  – July 8th 2015 – The Cloud Innovation World Cup today announced Cohesive Networks’ VNS3 product won the “Industry 4.0” award in the 2014/2015 awards in New York. As a “Cloud Innovator of the Year 2015” Cohesive Networks was recognized for innovative technologies embedded in products and cloud computing. The category sought technologies with “introduction of self-optimization, self-configuration, self-diagnosis, and cognition to help people with this increasingly complex work.”

CloudWorld_2015_Winner Industry 4.0After the finalist presentation by Cohesive Networks’ Chris Purrington at Cloud World Forum in London, five international winners out of over 300 participants were selected at the ceremony in New York. The finalists and winners had the opportunity to present their breakthrough cloud-based solutions in an elevator pitch.

Cloud Innovator of the Year 2015: Industry 4.0

The winner of “Industry 4.0” is Cohesive Networks with their cloud-based solution VNS3. VNS3 lets users place core network functions into the application layer through the docker-based container plug-in system. With additional network function compatibility built into the VNS3 container plug-in platform, cloud customers can use cloud without the fears of vendor lock-in. In addition, VNS3 offers enhanced network services on top of the cloud network, including VLAN peering, encryption, firewall, multicast support, region peering as well as key to the plug-in system. VNS3 is already available in the market.

About Cloud Innovation World Cup

The Cloud Innovation World Cup aims to foster cutting-edge solutions and applications for cloud computing. Since the first Cloud Innovation World Cup edition, hundreds of contestants from over 60 countries have submitted their innovative cloud-based solutions, making the Cloud Innovation World Cup one of the leading competitions in the field.

For more information about the Cloud Innovation World Cup winners and the finalists please visit the hall of fame of the Innovation World Cup:

About VNS3

VNS3 is a software-only virtual appliance that allows you to control access and network topology and secure data in motion. Control a secure, scalable, HA, meshed network distributed across multiple public and private clouds to create one logical group of federated resources.
With over 2,000 connected customers in more than 22 countries, VNS3 has provided more than 800 million devices hours of application networking for the cloud. VNS3 offers customers enhanced network services on top of the cloud platform network including VLAN peering, encryption of data in motion, firewall, multicast support and region peering. Get in touch with our solutions architects to get started with VNS3.

By: Margaret Valtierra