Financial services firm creates multitenant cloud-based partner network

Geezeo needed to comply with US regulations for financial transactions with their banking and credit union customers. “We started using cloud networking with AWS in 2009 but we needed to build a switching tunnel architecture between our applications and customer data centers,”said James Elwood, CTO at Geezeo.

Geezeo uses VNS3 to extend their AWS EC2-based infrastructure down to their partners’ physical data centers. VNS3 acts “as a giant edge kit” to direct and manage traffic inside AWS. Today, Geezeo’s AWS-based infrastructure connects through 30 encrypted IPsec tunnels to deliver a suite of online financial management tools and services to 400 banks and credit unions across North America.

The 30 IPsec tunnels keep traffic between partners, customers, and Geezeo infrastructure separate and compliant.   Since implementing VNS3, Geezeo has quickly scaled up. They grew from 4 customers to more than 400 banks and credit unions.

Read the full use case here.

By: Margaret Valtierra