Insurance SaaS company meets encryption requirement for data transfers

CodeObjects must transport highly critical and sensitive information between their AWS-based cloud infrastructure to their partner, Lexis-Nexus. Lexis-Nexus mandates VPN connections with at least 256-bit encryption, but discovered AWS only has AES 128-bit encryption.  VNS3 provides highly  secured VPN tunnels that enables CodeObjects to securely transfer business critical data and sensitive customer information between their partner site on Lexis-Nexus and their AWS infrastructure.

When CodeObjects built out their AWS infrastructure, the company did not have any VPN set up. CodeObjects planned to use Amazon’s VPN tunnel defaults, but discovered AWS does not support AES 256-bit encryption.

The partner recommended CodeObjects use VNS3 to meet the security and connectivity requirements to transfer data across the public internet and within the AWS cloud.

Read the full use case here.

By: Margaret Valtierra