Medical device company seamlessly connects parents to newborns in NICU

AngelEye Camera Systems’ video and chat platform lets families interact with patients in restrictive care units as their doctors. With VNS3, Angel Eye can meet patient data privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Angel Eye Camera Systems delivers real-time video of hospitalized infants directly to families. The company provides parents with interactive access their babies in restrictive care, but must also ensure the data is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

Angel Eye found VNS3 on the AWS Marketplace and began using the VNS3:vpn free edition. The first, simple endpoint was easy to set up even though the founders were not network administrators.

Angel Eye moved their camera network to AWS VPC for added security, private IP addresses and SSL connections. VNS3 helped the IT team add more VPC endpoints to all hospitals through a single network controller.

By sending sensitive data through a VNS3-powered VPN, Angel Eye no longer has to worry about cameras on public IP addresses, open firewall rules, or data encryption at rest.

Angel Eye plans to expand the communications platform to connect patients in ICUs, elderly care, cancer wards and other restrictive units. The IT team is also adding features to let doctors leave video messages for families, live chat, and directly interact with families remotely.

Read the full use case here. 

By: Margaret Valtierra