Customer spotlight: SI expands public cloud network capabilities with VNS3

Amazon’s AWS “powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world” according to the cloud provider. Enterprises rely on Systems Integrators (SIs) to help them navigate AWS projects and services.


image via Trek10

Amazon’s allies help enterprises use AWS with migration services, implementation support, and security. An AWS Consulting Partner, Trek10 is an SI with years of experience on AWS. They help developer teams leverage AWS, but face limitations with networking capabilities for some customers.

Challenge: connecting existing infrastructure to AWS with added security
Customers with existing IT infrastructure and complex network setups cannot connect to AWS using overlapping CIDR ranges, public to private IP addresses, and cross-cloud connections. Other customers need end-to-end, AES 256 bit encryption to meet security and compliance standards beyond what AWS currently offers.

The Amazon VPC VPN system globally only allows a single VPC per region to connect to any public IP address. Cloud customers with existing networking configurations struggle to connect multiple partners or remote sites into a single VPC region.

Solution: enabling more AWS network flexibility and security 
When migrating customers to AWS, Trek10 recommends customers use VNS3 to connect seamlessly via an overlay network to overcome any issues with overlapping CIDR ranges, IPsec and remote access SSL VPNs, and IP address overlaps in AWS.

Customers using Azure, AWS, and on-premise can manage and connect networks with one logical VNS3 overlay network. In one use case, Trek10’s customer was able to connect to a third party that does not allow private IP ranges to connect to their network. VNS3 allows Trek10 to map a public IP to the private IP to meet the specific requirements of the third party.

Trek10 customers benefit from additional end-to-end encryption as the connect and visualize their cloud networks. In the case of any technical issues, the VNS3 logging capabilities let Trek10 troubleshoot with in-depth logs in real-time for critical connections.

By: Margaret Valtierra