VNS3:turret Shortlisted for Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year in the 2016 DCS Awards

VNS3:turret Shortlisted for Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year in the 2016 DCS Awards

Innovative new product VNS3:turret creates cryptographically unique micro-perimeters around application topologies

29 March 2016 – London, UK – Cohesive Networks today announced the selection of VNS3:turret in the 2016 DCS Awards. VNS3:turret is a finalist for the Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year Category.

The Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year Category is open to any security products, hardware and/or software based, that deliver specific data centre focussed security solutions to end-users.

The average cost of a data breach is over $5.8M, estimates the 2015 Ponemon report. The cost of network security is very minor compared to the costs of stolen records, lost business, lawsuits, and new technology.
Upcoming security compliance regulations – like NIST, PCI, and the EU banking standards – are beginning to focus more on data-specific security. Enterprises focus 80% of security spend on external data center perimeter defenses like firewalls and building security, but overlook internal, virtual network security.

About VNS3:turret 
VNS3:turret is a software-only application security controller built for the modern data center or private cloud.  VNS3:turrets are deployed as an encrypted, clustered virtual instances that create a micro-perimeter to secure all mission critical business systems in a network.

In a data centers, physical network isolation is not practical, and logical segmentation can be very difficult without using evolved networking approaches. As data centers became wholly virtualized and blur the line between data center and private cloud, we can finally add and control logical segmentation at the virtualization layer.
This “Application Segmentation” provides the most comprehensive security model available today. VNS3:turrent is a secure, redundant network combined with dataflow and compliance tools. A set of VNS3:turret Controllers create a meshed, highly available application-centric network for each application.


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By: Margaret Valtierra