VNS3:turret Shortlisted for Datacloud Cloud Awards – Technical Breakthrough

Cohesive Networks Shortlisted for the Datacloud Cloud Awards – Technical Breakthrough

VNS3:turret recognized for data centre and private cloud microsegmentation

29 April 2016 – London, UK – Cohesive Networks today announced the release of the Datacloud Awards shortlist. Cohesive Networks are a finalist in the “Technical Breakthrough” award category.

About VNS3:turret
VNS3:turret is a software-only application security controller built for the modern data centre and private cloud. VNS3:turret can be deployed as a encrypted, clustered virtual instances that create a micro-perimeter to secure all mission critical business systems in a network.

VNS3:turret lets users connect, secure and control critical data in any network, in any cloud, connecting with any networking device.

In data centres, physical network isolation is not practical, and logical segmentation can be very difficult without using evolved networking approaches. As data centers became wholly virtualized and blur the line between data center and private cloud, users can finally add and control logical segmentation at the virtualization layer.

VNS3:turret works by creating a cryptographically unique micro-perimeter around each application topology. By segregating each application, the inner rings of security can eliminate east-west vulnerability within a network. Within the VNS3:turret mesh, users can set their own access rules, firewall settings, and other security policies specifically for that application cluster.

Datacloud awards

The results will be announced at the dinner and ceremony in Monaco on the evening of 7th June.

Shortlist for Cloud Technical Breakthrough Award:

  • Collabora Productivity,
  • Cohesive Networks
  • Mambu for their FinTech cloud platform
  • SoftServe with OBH for Sense 360

“The global data center and cloud industry have truly come of age,” commented Gerd Simon, chairman of the Judges Panel, “and the Datacloud Awards, as the premier pan-European and MEAI event, uniquely reflects its importance and the ambition to achieve excellence in technologies and services. The Judges were delighted by the quality and breadth of this year’s nominations.”


By: Margaret Valtierra