VNS3 Initialization & Configuration

After launching in your choice of cloud, you will now configure your VNS3 Controller instance to begin using VNS3 network and security operations.

By this point, you should have configured the settings in your cloud account and launched a VNS3 instance. To fully configure your VNS3 network, you need the access to configure a compliant IPsec firewall/router networking device, including most IPsec devices that support: IKE1 or IKE2, AES256 or AES128 or 3DES, SHA1 or MD5. For more on IPsec devices and exceptions, visit

NOTE on peering: The Peering step is required for ALL VNS3 editions. Controllers connect to each other in a process called Peering. Peered Controllers create a redundant, highly available and secure overlay network and share traffic load from the overlay network connected servers. Multi-Controller Topologies are available in the SME and Enterprise Editions.

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See the specific instructions for your cloud setup and instance launch on our Product Resources page

By: Margaret Valtierra