Energy engineering consulting company ensures strong encryption

Monitoring and analytics customers can connect to ETC Group’s server over AES 256-bit encrypted IPsec tunnels using VNS3.As data sets grow, end customer data security concerns will increase.

The ETC Group provides energy efficiency analytics tied to building system data. Rather than have their customers open up firewall rules to the public internet, the company sought out IPsec VPN solutions.

ETC Group’s customers need to share building and systems data in order to uncover energy trends, and often require AES 256-bit encryption.

“We could have deployed servers locally for each customer, but it’s more cost effective to use a cloud server,” said Jake MacArthur, Monitoring and Analytics Product Director at ETC Group. While Amazon offers some of the same tools, it is not the same level of encryption.

For customers who do not deploy the ETC Group server within their network, VNS3 gives more options for secure connectivity to cloud-based servers, external servers, or even future IoT devices outside the network.

One of the biggest technical benefits of VNS3 has been the ability to connect to multiple endpoints with different firewalls and different setups. With VNS3 ETC Group can quickly replicate the connection setup to different firewalls rather than customizing it each time.

“The great thing about VNS3 is that we can learn the platform and the setup and replicate it to those different firewalls rather than customizing it each time,” said MacArthur. ETC Group can then speed up time to connect to customers and reduce operational complexity.

See the full customer use case (PDF)

About ETC Group

Founded in 1988, ETC Group provides engineering solutions to improve building performance and energy efficiency. Our knowledge of building controls and operation enable us to pinpoint areas where energy is often wasted. Whether commissioning new construction or tuning existing facilities, our hands-on approach, using technology and analytical experience, will set your business on a path toward lower energy use and increased savings.

By: Margaret Valtierra