Driver Risk Management ISV protects personal information in AWS

SambaSafety uses VNS3 to create a seamless integration between state, territorial, and government agencies and the company’s AWS infrastructure

Read the full VNS3 use case here (PDF)

Challenge: Connect government sites and protect driver data

SambaSafety’s solutions provide the information that their clients need to make informed decisions about the people operating commercial vehicles, field service, or passenger vehicles. SambaSafety eliminates the need for an expensive, time consuming paper chase, enabling true continuous driver monitoring and management.

SambaSafety works in partnership with State governments and other third-party information providers to acquire, process, and report critical driver information. Their patented data technology allows customers to filter irrelevant data, receiving actionable information to make quicker and better driver risk management decisions. Because they act as an intermediary between state or territorial agencies and end customers, they must ensure both high availability and reliable, encrypted connections over TLS VPN. When connecting to various government data services, the personal records such as a DLN (driver’s license number) or MVR (motor vehicle record) must be encrypted.

Solution: VNS3:ha for added high availability and flexibility

“Because those tunnels are so critical, we need to have a quick and adaptive way to bring those tunnels back up,” said Ryan Woordard, IT Manager at SambaSafety. Cohesive Networks’ partner, Trek10, recommended VNS3 and VNS3:ha to connect and secure their integrations with AWS resources. After 2 months in proof of concept and testing, SambaSafety launch VNS3 in production.

Outcome: Over 20 secure end-to-end IPsec tunnels in AWS

“It just works,” said Woodard. VNS3 has been ”critical for servicing our customer base. It has been seamless from a visibility and troubleshooting perspective.”

SambaSafety has over 20 IPsec tunnels connecting customers and AWS-based resources, with plans to expand. Woodard continued, “Further down the line VNS3:ha will fall in with the flexibility that we need as part of our disaster recovery and business continuity planning.”


Read the full VNS3 use case here (PDF)

By: Margaret Valtierra