Launch VNS3 in Amazon VPC

Watch the step by step guide to launch your VNS3 Instance in Amazon AWS VPC.

Set up Amazon VPC to automatically configure subnets, security groups, network ACLs, and VPC settings fit for VNS3.

Navigate through AWS Virtual Compute Cloud (VPC) to set the stage for VNS3 networking. Create security groups to regulate traffic traveling to and from your VNS3 device. Next, proceed to Step 2 to launch VNS3 in VPC.

Next, launch VNS3 from an AMI ID or from the AWS Marketplace.

After launching from VPC, you will now configure your VNS3 Controller instance to begin using VNS3 network and security operations. Log in, change your password, and explore the VNS3 web-based UI.

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See the specific instructions for your cloud setup and instance launch on our Product Resources page:

By: Margaret Valtierra