Launch VNS3 with a new license

Launch VNS3 with a new license upload

Get started with the 4.x line of VNS3 security and network software appliances.
Start by logging in to the Web UI. Update and secure your VNS3 Controller with new passwords and log in.
Next, you have the choice of uploading a new license, uploading a snapshot from an existing VNS3 Controller, or configuring from a running VNS3 Controller.
Once you have a license, you must generate or fetch keysets (clientpacks) for your Controller.
Finally, peer your VNS3 Controller to finish the initialization process.
Next, add custom Firewall rules and connect your VNS3 device to IPsec endpoints and cloud-based resources

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See the specific instructions for your cloud setup and instance launch on our Product Resources page

By: Margaret Valtierra