Barton Nicholls quoted in Search IT Operations article

Jenkins devs prep Blue Ocean, a sea change in DevOps deployment tools
by Beth Pariseau Senior News Writer

What do Jenkins, Ansible Tower and New Relic have in common, besides being parts of a DevOps toolchain? A new appeal to an audience beyond IT.

Barton Nicholls quoted in Search IT Operations

Jenkins Blue Ocean, which was released into beta last September, has a user interface (UI) designed to streamline and improve accessibility of the popular but persnickety continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) software, according to the Jenkins Blue Ocean website.

Blue Ocean includes customizable versions of the Jenkins UI to suit various roles in a DevOps team, as well as a visual interface to design CD pipelines. For troubleshooting, the Blue Ocean UI shows where problems have popped up in the pipeline and need attention. It slots into a DevOps workflow with the ability to accommodate projects based in GitHub and Atlassian Bitbucket.

“Jenkins code is somewhat inaccessible, and the question is, how do we bring it to other aspects of the business that are just as important as [software] developers?” said Barton Nicholls, a solutions architect for network security company Cohesive Networks based in Chicago, and an enterprise DevOps consultant.

Typically in the DevOps world, people don’t talk about tools’ user interfaces and the user experience, but this will become necessary, Nicholls said.

“Otherwise, you have your Dungeons & Dragons nerds in the basement who speak one language, and your guys in nice business attire upstairs who don’t speak that language,” he said. “A lot of these tools hope to bridge that gap.”

User experience is now a key feature for DevOps pipeline tools, a trend started by application release automation products last year, which has now spread into DevOps tools.


The original article appears in Search IT Operations

By: Margaret Valtierra