CIO Dive features Cohesive Networks in article “Cloud-native deployments in the enterprise on the rise”

Cloud-native deployments in the enterprise on the rise

By  Justine Brown, first published on  June 26, 2017 in CIO Dive

Dive Brief:

Two separate studies indicate cloud-native deployments in the enterprise are on the rise, and those deployments are paying off, according to ZDNet.

Approximately 18% of organizations now have more than half of their workloads in the cloud, according a survey of 100 IT managers from Cohesive Networks. Meanwhile, a Capgemini survey involving more than 900 organizations estimates cloud-native leaders are building 20% of their applications directly in the cloud.

More than 80% of companies that have moved to cloud native applications and systems say they have increased revenue and reduced operating costs, according to Capgemini, which also estimates cloud-native deployments in enterprises will double over the next three years.

Dive Insight:

Going forward, new applications and workloads will leverage cloud natively, gradually replacing non-cloud born applications and workloads. The benefits of cloud are clear, and it’s much easier to begin in the cloud then to migrate there, so more companies will simply start their future endeavors in the cloud.

Companies also increasingly see cloud migration as a risk mitigation strategy. Delegating industrial-strength security to major cloud providers such as Amazon and Google will be seen as safer and more scalable than continuing to invest in corporate network perimeter defense, according to Glenn Weinstein, co-founder and CIO and senior vice president of global services at Appirio.

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By: Margaret Valtierra