Cohesive Networks featured in Beta News “Cloud-native workloads gain momentum”

Cloud-native workloads gain momentum

By Ian Barker

See the original Published 23 June 2017

A new survey shows that 18 percent of organizations now have more than half of their workloads in cloud-native environments. In addition many are moving from on-premises and self-hosting toward shared environments, distributing workloads across multiple providers.

The study by cloud security and network software firm Cohesive Networks also finds 57 percent of respondents say that cloud-native workloads make up at least 20 percent of applications in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

In addition 64 percent strategically use multiple cloud providers for development, testing, and production workloads. The speed and lack of friction in the cloud allows more experimentation and flexibility. Cloud IaaS increases accessibility to resources for application development, testing and production workloads. In fact over 83 percent of respondents use cloud for all three functions, using IaaS, cloud-based resources can quickly be adjusted to meet demand.

When it comes to securing cloud data the study shows that 11 percent fully depend on their provider’s built-in security to protect data. But it also finds enterprises taking IaaS security into their own hands. More than half use additional, independent tools to protect data in shared environments and 60 percent of respondents only ‘somewhat’ trust security to their IaaS providers.

“To have confidence in the security of data in transit, developers need to protect it from point to point and have reasonable confidence in the tools and protocols they use to secure it,” says Patrick Kerpan, CEO and co-founder, Cohesive Networks. “The whole point of moving enterprise applications to the cloud is to slash capital expenses, increase agility, centralize information management, and scale businesses quickly. With our software-only virtual appliance, VNS3, IT teams have the option to build and control their own dynamic, cloud-based networks that can scale with their applications across any public or private cloud, while remaining secure.”

More than half of respondents still manage their own data center networks, and more than 48 percent acknowledge that configuring network endpoints, firewalls, and network devices burns up over 60 percent of their IT team’s time. As resources reach the end of their life-cycles Cohesive expects to see a bigger shift in cloud adoption.

You can find out more in the full study which is available from the Cohesive website.

By: Margaret Valtierra