Margaret Valtierra featured in Digital Guardian: Infosec Pros Reveal the Top Benefits of Cloud


“Cloud computing has obvious cost benefits…”

Especially for startups and businesses looking to move away from owning and running data centers. Cloud providers have more capacity, speed, and locations. Shifting your information security practice to fit cloud is a process, but there are upsides. Cloud providers offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their services, including: specifics on security, privacy, access to data, and data portability. Offloading IaaS-layer requirements onto a provider will ease the burden on your teams as long as the SLAs meet internal security standards.

Cloud providers can also help InfoSec teams meet compliance requirements, since most IaaS offerings meet ISO, PCI, and other well-known standards. Before cloud, we had to maintain and secure our own servers and physical security. Now, Amazon, Azure, and Google run word-class data centers for us. 70% of organizations use at least one application in the cloud. Those applications – everything from CRM to mobile apps – put critical business data beyond the reach of traditional security. Security teams can now use cloud technologies to prevent data breaches and vulnerabilities by enforcing strong virtual networks and flexible data policies for each application.

Another big benefit of the cloud is the ability to build security on top of standard offerings. A virtual private network (VPN) allows security teams to create a secure network on top of a cloud provider’s physical network. As teams install and launch applications, security teams can directly control network traffic with point-to-point connectivity. Network security settings like firewall rules, users access, and internet port filters can be sized, scaled, and tailored to each cloud application.

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Margaret Valtierra is the Technical Marketing Specialist at Cohesive Networks, where she creates technical documentation, guides, and video demos. Margaret has a BSM from Tulane University and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) CCSK.


By: Margaret Valtierra