what is an overlay network?

Overlay Networks and VNS3

An overlay network is layered over the native (cloud provider) networking layers, but can be independent from all underlying hardware and software.

Use overlay networks to add security, flexibility and connectivity to any cloud or virtual environment. We will show you 8 examples of how overlay networks can improve AWS networking, and 4 use cases with AWS based overlay networks.

Why use an overlay network?
The biggest reasons to use a overlay network are: full encryption, multicast support, and region /cloud federation.

Watch how VNS3 can help you create and manage overlay networks in any cloud.
VNS3 acts as an extension of your LAN network to your virtual machines in the cloud. VNS3 creates an overlay network, separating network identity from physical network location.

See the VNS3:ha demo with automatic instance-based failover in AWS: https://youtu.be/_f2bz7tiKcs

Watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_V3OvHTU1B4

See the specific instructions for your cloud setup and instance launch on our Product Resources page

By: Margaret Valtierra