VNS3 Nominated for Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year

VNS3 Nominated for Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year

London, UK – Cohesive Networks,  cloud-class security and networking software company, today announced their nomination for the 2017 SVC Awards. The core product, VNS3, is one of 3 finalists in the category Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year.

Over 2,500 customers use VNS3 virtual appliances to secure products and services at the application layer. With VNS3, enterprises can extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds to provide security, connectivity, and integration.

VNS3 is different from other network and security solutions by creating a customer-controlled overlay network on top of the underlying network backbone. VNS3 users can distribute networks across multiple data centres and cloud networks to create one logical group of federated resource, while managing servers as if they are running on-premises.

The software-defined networking (SDN) features of VNS3 give users access, visibility and control from the application layer. VNS3 is a hybrid of five devices in one: a router, switch, firewall, IPsec/SSL VPN concentrator, protocol redistributor and dynamic and scriptable SDN. It can be configured “in a mesh,” so it can extend to multiple sites at once. VNS3 separates network location and network identity, which translates into agility and mobility for cloud users. Encrypted data-in-motion and site-to-site IPsec connectivity allow users to extend an existing data centre network to any cloud environment.

VNS3 provides SDN capabilities that give control over IP addressing to create IP address for cloud servers, network topology to assign (and move) IPs to any server on any cloud, protocols to enable and disable protocols such as UDP Multicast, and encrypted communications to secure all data in motion, to, from and within the cloud.

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About the Awards

The SVC Awards reward the products, projects and services as well as honour companies and teams operating in the cloud, storage and digitalisation sectors. The SVC Awards recognise the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors alike and in the case of the end-user categories there will also be an award made to the supplier supporting the winning organisation.

The Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year category is open to any solution that enables a ‘software defined’ set of solutions normally associated with traditional non-physical infrastructure deployments such as networks, application servers etc.


By: Margaret Valtierra