Introducing the new VNS3 version 4.0

How to guide: Set up a Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) with SQL server AlwaysOn using VNS3 Overlay Networks

By Ryan Koop

In July 2016, we announced the release of our latest version of VNS3, 4.0. The major features and functions of our software-only virtual appliance help users secure, connect and manage cloud-based networks. This video walks through the updates to the VNS3 user interface (UI) as well as the feature changes from previous versions.

Customers with complex networks and several clientpacks will enjoy the updates to add paginated, sortable and searchable tables for Clientpacks. These types of organizational tables will also be in the sections for Peered connections, Overlay Network devices, and IPsec tunnels.

Easier navigation

We’ve updated the main menu categories. Up at the top are still the Runtime, Overlay, and Connections sections. This is where you’ll spend most of your time configuring and editing VNS3.

We moved Containers up between Connections and Maintenance, since it’s pretty important for customers who use the VNS3 plugin system. In the Container section are still controls and links to container networks, container images and the list of all your configured containers. Need a quick refresher on VNS3 Containers? Here’s a video on our WAF plugin.

We’ve moved the Admin section down to the bottom of the list. Hopefully you won’t visit this section as often as the other UI menu items. But, just in case anything goes wrong the last 2 sections are here to help. Snapshots, licensing, remote support, and admin settings live here.

2 new menu items in the Admin section
The new 4.0 version lets you install your own SSL certificates. In the HTTPS Certs page you can upload either SSL Certificates or SSL keys. Easy enough.

In earlier versions, we squirreled away the “factory reset” page. Instead of looking for the paper clip hole in the back of your device, we made this handy menu item. Fear not, we added a step to make sure you’re really certain you want to reset the VNS3 Controller.

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By: Margaret Valtierra