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Offer Virtual Private Clouds to your customers today.

Value added services are essential to cloud success. Win more customers and grow your margins with VNS3 virtual networking services.

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How To Grow Your Revenues With VNS3

Offer AWS VPC Features Immediately

VPC is quickly becoming the generic compute environment in AWS. Customers demand increase control over their networking environment when moving assets and workloads to 3rd party controlled cloud environments. Your cloud and your customers are no different.

Building out VPC features at the hardware and virtual layers can be time consuming, complicated and costly. VNS3 Provider Edition gives your customers the power of virtual networks and you the ability to immediately compete with Amazon VPC on a feature by feature basis. VNS3 is offered in the application layer, is completely customer controlled and maintained with no deployment work by your staff.

Expand the Appeal of Your Cloud

Increase the number of applications customers are willing to entrust to the cloud.  Customers spend time deciding which applications can be migrated to the cloud and which cannot. Decisions not to migrate certain application topologies center around lack of security and control in a 3rd party owned and operated cloud environment. VNS3 provides the necessary controls over addressing, protocols, topology, and encryption to allow customers  to move a completely new set of applications to your cloud.

Generate New Revenue

Value-added cloud services, like virtual networking, can be priced at a premium on top of the underlying core feature runtime fees and create a competitive advantage over other clouds.  VNS3’s advanced virtual networking features and easy to implement allows you to position your cloud as a market leader both in your ability to deliver/execute and the completeness of your offering.

Offer VNS3 as part of your existing pricing structure or price competitively to Amazon VPC instance time plus $.05/hr.  VNS3 virtual networking appliances are completely customer controlled and maintained with no deployment work by your staff and no additional operational cost to you.  Indirect or direct VNS3 services and support are available from Cohesive Networks.

Move Your Solution Up the Cloud Stack

Interested in offering VNS3 to your customers?

Partner Revenue Sharing Models


Your customers, Your trade dress

As a Reseller you make the sale. You work with your customers, introduce them to VNS3 and take ownership of the sales process. Cohesive Networks’s technical and sales support will be available throughout the process. Resell under the Cohesive NetworksVNS3 brand or completely white-label for your customers.


Referral Fee

Quick and easy handoff

As a Referral Partner you identify companies that you believe will benefit from using VNS3. You make an introduction by phone or e-mail and the Cohesive Networks Sales Team will take it from there. We will work with your customers and prospects, determine if there is a fit and make the sale.


Cloud Network as a Service

Built and managed by Cohesive Networks

As a subscriber of our Cloud Network as a Service Cohesive Networks delivers cloud networks to your customers. This fully managed turn key solution means no admin overhead, no support training and no integration work by you. Cloud Networks as a Service is fast to deploy and has guaranteed SLAs.


Offering Detail

Functionality you can offer

  • Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on scalable infrastructure, and specify the private IP address range from any range.
  • Make infrastructure divisible into one or more publicly accessible or private “sealed” subnets.
  • Provide network access control lists to allow user control of  inbound and outbound access to and from individual subnets.
  • Enable hybrid cloud extensions between customers’ on-premises IT assets to their cloud deployment with an encrypted IPsec or SSL VPN connections,  extending customers’ existing security and management policies to to the cloud as if running within their data center.
  • Use of normally unsupported protocols like UDP multicast.
  • Move IP addresses between virtual infrastructures or clouds.
  • Ability to create Cloud-based WANs that integrate corporate sites, cloud infras, partner sites, and colo or MSP infra.
  • Allows outbound NATing and inbound port forwarding.
  • Intrusion/Extrusion detection in the cloud – monitoring x-cloud subnets
  • Access controlled on the host level by a unique cryptographic credential per virtual network address.
  • Remote Support controlled by multi-organziation (customer and vendor) 2 factor authentication
  • Ability to create N-number of IDENTICAL defined subnets without routable connectivity allows significant gains in dev/test/staging.
  • Web-based management interface and dynamic scriptable API.
  • SNMP support for popular Enterprise monitoring systems.
  • Road warrior use case – Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android formats supported
  • 256 bit encryption of all data in motion, to from and within your cloud

VNS3 products support most IPsec data center extranet solutions:

Preferred  Most models from Cisco Systems*, Juniper, Watchguard, Dell SONICWALL, Netgear, Fortinet, Barracuda Networks, Check Point*, Zyxel USA, McAfee Retail, Citrix Systems, Hewlett Packard, D-Link, WatchGuard, Palo Alto Networks, OpenSwan, pfSense, and Vyatta.

Best Effort  Any IPsec device that supports: IKE1 or IKE2, AES256 or AES128 or 3DES, SHA1 or MD5, and most importantly NAT-Traversal standards.

*Known Exclusions  Checkpoint R65+ requires native IPSec connections as Checkpoint does not conform to NAT-Traversal Standards and Cisco ASA 8.4(2)-8.4(4) bugs prevent a stable connection from being maintained.