Cloud Network Monitoring & Failover

VNS3:ms Management + VNS3:ha Failover

VNS3:ms adds management ease to network control and integration for all your VNS3 Managers and VPC settings.

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Reduce Complexity in Your Networks

VNS3:ms is a single dashboard to manage, monitor, and failover your VNS3 networks and VPN connections with VNS3:ha. The VNS3:ms monitoring system lets you simplify network management further by using Docker containers inside VNS3 Managers, and manage it all from your web-based UI, API, or command line interface.

In addition to VNS3’s software-only virtual network functions, VNS3:ms provides a central log for:

  • All Topologies
  • All Managers
  • Cloud VLAN Objects
  • Snapshot Management
  • Multi-Cloud Credential Management
  • Manager Password Recovery
  • User Authentication and Role Management
  • VNS:ha for automated instance-based failover of VNS3 controllers

Secure Your Overlay Networks in Any Cloud

Manage the security aspects you need to meet PCI, HIPPA, and industry regulations. VNS3:ms lets you manage and secure your IPsec tunnels, routes and underlying cloud VLAN network components such as CIDR, subnets, route tables, ACLs, and security groups.

Through the VNS3:ms console, you can decide what security controls and access roles your team needs, separate and distinct from your cloud provider. Manage credentials, password recovery, user authentication and role management with a few clicks.  Quickly failover in a single click or API call to VNS3:ms from unresponsive VNS3 controllers to warm backup VNS3:ha controllers that are automatically synced with their primary VNS3 controller to ensure RPO is 30 minutes or less.

VNS3:ms Pricing

VNS3:ms has a simple and flexible pricing plan – $50 per Controller monitored per month (called Controller Month)*.   The system automatically captures all administration events on a particular VNS3:ms instance and generates an audit that is sent back to Cohesive Networks for invoicing purposes.  No password or private information is shared and the audit file is signed and password protected to ensure no tampering.  Managing cloud VLAN objects like AWS VPC VLANs and Microsoft Azure VLANs is included at no additional charge.

*Cloud Provider runtime fees are not included.  VNS3:ms requires at least 2GB of memory.

VNS3:ms Specifications

VNS3:ms is delivered as a software only virtual server image and runs as a single instance.  The systems is comprised of multiple application containers that provide the monitoring and management services that are consumable via the UI.

Available for Public Clouds

Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services VPC, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer,  ElasticHosts, Rackspace, InterRoute, Abiquo, and more

Available for Private Clouds

Openstack, HPE Helion, Flexiant, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, and more

Available for Virtual Infrastructure

VMWare (all formats), Citrix, Xen, KVM, and more


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