Application security controller

Guard each application with clustered, secure perimeters

Combine the features of VNS3 security appliances with an application delivery controller

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Prevent exploits and data breaches with VNS3™ application-level security

The average data breach costs an average of $3.8 million, or $145 – $154 per compromised record, up 23% since 2013. The mean time to identify a breach was 206 days, ranging up to 582 days. Hackers have shown how easily they can move east-west through a network after a datacenter edge perimeter breach.

Now is the time to address security issues at the application level.  Instead of focusing exclusively on the exterior, enterprises should create application segmentation micro-perimeters.

Award-winning VNS3 encrypted networks inside your cloud or datacenter network

Secure and monitor all network traffic to prevent “east-west” exploits inside your network. VNS3:turret is a secure, redundant network with integrated dataflow and compliance tools.

Deploy VNS3:turret as encrypted, clustered software-only virtual instances in your private cloud. Create a micro-perimeter around your mission critical business systems to protect and monitor all network traffic. VNS3:turret lets you:

  • Segment applications to eliminate east-west vulnerability
  • Isolate each application with a micro-perimeter
  • Provide highly available application-centric networks
  • Secure interior traffic with secure edges and encrypted security controllers
  • Track network status with automated compliance reporting

VNS3:turret Pricing

VNS3:turret is available as an annual subscription or as a self-service, monthly subscription.

Licensing for VNS3:turret is on an annual subscription basis and only requires a 12 month commitment. The annual license fee is for up to 10 critical applications, comprising less than 50 servers each. License subscription fee includes Standard Support. The license fees do not include the cloud fees for the instances VNS3:turret run on. The license fee includes up to ten days implementation services and Standard Support.

VNS3:turret Specifications

VNS3:turret is available on most major private cloud environments, including: Openstack, Flexiant, HPE Eucalyptus, and Abiquo. Most virtual infrastructures can use internal microsegmentation as well, including VMWare (all formats), Citrix, Xen, and KVM.

VNS3:turret is delivered as a set of encrypted, clustered software-only virtual instances. Configure your VNS3:turret application security controllers in a mesh around your datacenter applications.  The meshed devices create a micro-perimeter around each application.

Because VNS3:turret encrypts and manages network traffic while also using adaptive compression, customers can avoid any serious network performance penalties.


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