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VNS3 for Azure

Extend your network to Microsoft Azure

Connect your existing systems to cloud deployments. Securely integrate your network with encrypted communications.

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VNS3 is Your Azure Network and Security Solution

VNS3 is a software-only virtual appliance that acts as 7 devices in 1: router, switch, SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator, firewall, protocol re-distributor, scriptable API and extensible NFV container. As an instance-based solution you launch and manage, VNS3 provides your Azure deployment with the following:

  • IPsec Tunneling – Securely connect your existing IT deployments (physical on-premises, virtual, or other cloud environment) to your Azure deployment using standard IPsec secure tunneling protocols.
  • Data Security Compliance – all traffic is encrypted inside the cloud using the VNS3 Overlay Network using cryptographic keys that are unique to each VNS3 deployment and controlled by you.
  • Scalable, High Availability, Hybrid-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Geo – The VNS3 Overlay Network is created by deploying VNS3 Controller server instances that are configurable in a mesh to run as a cluster in and across cloud regions and providers.
  • Layer 4-7 Network Service Functions – Add specific services to the VNS3 Controller devices via the Docker libcontainer integration.  Run load balancing, proxy, reverse proxy, content caching, IDS, etc. right on the transport device.
  • Cloud Defense in Depth – Azure runs a world class data center and has tremendous security controls in place.  Use VNS3 to add in the necessary independent layers of security to meet your internal requirements, external regulations, or personal goals.

With VNS3 you can build your own secure and controlled custom network on top of Azure’s underlying cloud network.  VNS3 connects you to, integrates with, and secures Azure’s storage, compute, and data insight tools.

Get started in Azure - launch and configure today!

Launch and Configuration Instructions – get your Microsoft Azure Cloud deployment secure and under control in less than 1 hour with  VNS3:

  1. Login to the Azure Management Console.
  2. Configure your Azure VLANs per our VNS3 Azure Setup Instructions.
  3. Launch a VNS3 Controller via the Azure Marketplace for Free (zero premium production license, runtime fees still apply), Lite ($0.20/hour premium production license for larger deployments), or BYOL (for users looking to run our SME, Enterprise, POC or users with Cloud Solution Provider Azure Accounts).  Contact us for premium edition private images.
  4. Use the VNS3 Configuration Document to initialize and configure your VNS3 server instance.
  5. Plug some of your other Azure cloud-based servers into the overlay network.

 Need help with your deployment or have a question?

VNS3 Editions Available in Azure Marketplace