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VNS3 for Google Compute Engine

Extend your Network to Any GCE Region

VNS3 is available for GCE. Build an 'Over-the-Top' Network in and across your GCE deployments with VNS3.

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Get started in Google Compute Engine

Launch and Configuration Instructions – get your GCE  deployment(s) secure and under control in less than 1 hour with VNS3. Cohesive Networks will share a VNS3 images directly to your  customer account.  Share API access with Cohesive Networks to connect your existing GCE projects.

  1. In the GCE Developer’s Console, select your project
  2. From the left-side APIs & auth  menu, select  credentials
  3. Under the OAuth heading, click Create new client id, and select Service account.
  4. Your public/private key should download automatically, and GCE will generate a new Service Account
  5. Send your new key and a copy of the new Service Account information to Cohesive Networks
  6. Double check that three Google APIs are enabled for your account – Google Cloud Storage API, Google Cloud Storage JSON API, Google Compute Engine API listed on APIs & auth  menu > APIs.
  7. Cohesive Networks will deliver the VNS3 image to your account
  8. Use the VNS3 GCE Launch and Configuration Instructions to configure the Controller and setup an IPsec tunnel to your cloud deployment.
  9. Remove your service account after you’ve received VNS3

VNS3 is a hybrid overlay networking appliance built for GCE integrated cloud deployments

The VNS3 product family is a suite of security and network routing solutions that let enterprises extend virtual networks into public, private and hybrid clouds. It’s different from other network function virtualization (NFV) solutions because of the customer-controlled overlay network built on top of the underlying cloud network.

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