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VNS3 for Softlayer

Secure your networks in the IBM Softlayer Cloud

Securely integrate your cloud network with end-to-end encrypted IPsec tunnels.

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VNS3 is Your IBM Softlayer Security & Network Solution

VNS3 is Your Softlayer Network and Security Solution
VNS3 is a software-only network routing and security appliance built for the IBM Softlayer environment that virtualizes 6 network functions: router, switch, firewall, SSL / VPN concentrator, protocol redistributor and extensible NFV. As an instance-based solution you launch and manage, VNS3 provides your IBM Softlayer deployment with the following:

  • IPsec Tunneling – Securely connect your existing IT deployments (physical on-premises, virtual, or other cloud environment) to your Softlayer deployment using standard IPsec secure tunneling protocols.
  • Data Security Compliance – all traffic is encrypted inside the cloud using the VNS3 Overlay Network using cryptographic keys that are unique to each VNS3 deployment and controlled by you.
  • Scalable, High Availability, Hybrid-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Geo – The VNS3 Overlay Network is created by deploying VNS3 Controller server instances that are configurable in a mesh to run as a cluster in and across cloud regions and providers.
  • Layer 4-7 Network Service Functions – Add specific services to the VNS3 Controller devices via the Docker libcontainer integration. Run load balancing, proxy, reverse proxy, content caching, IDS, etc. right on the transport device.
  • Cloud Defense in Depth – Softlayer runs world class data centers and has tremendous security controls in place. Use VNS3 to add in the necessary independent layers of security to meet your internal requirements, external regulations, or personal goals.

With VNS3 you can build your own secure and controlled custom network on top of IBM Softlayer’s underlying cloud network. VNS3 connects you to, integrates with, and secures Softlayer’s storage, compute, and data insight tools.

Get started in IBM Softlayer - launch and configure today!

IBM Softlayer and Cohesive Networks are currently in the process of building out a public image marketplace for the Softlayer IaaS Cloud.  While this process is underway, we can still provide VNS3 image to customers on an account by account basis. Fill out the contact form to begin the process.

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