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With experience in networking, enterprise IT, and financial services technology, we've helped the cloud market grow from concept to reality.

About Cohesive Networks

We help enterprise use cloud infrastructure

Since the early days of cloud computing, the Cohesive Networks team has been at the forefront of connectivity and security. Cohesive’s VNS3 software-only virtual appliances enable organizations to create and control networks on top of cloud IaaS. VNS3 offers public clouds users greater security for critical business systems. Today over 2,100 global enterprises use VNS3 to provide security, connectivity, and integration for applications.

Cohesive is a member of the Amazon Partner Network, an Amazon Marketplace Seller, Microsoft Azure certified, a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, a CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider, and an IBM Business Partner.

VNS3 has recently won the 2016 Network Computing Awards Network Project of the Year – Private Sector Award, the 2015 Cloud Innovation World Cup for Industry 4.0, was listed in the CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies of 2015, and won the 2014 Cloud World Series Best Security Solution Award.

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