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Cohesive Networks VNS3 is the best network security & connectivity appliance.  VNS3 offers better performance, security and support than all competitors.

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Some of our VNS3 Customers Include:



Application Security Controller for Public and Private Cloud

VNS3:turret Application Security Controller is a combination of the core VNS3™ security and connectivity functionality, specialized network service containers, and tuned deployment architectures.  Achieve complete security with application segmentation.   Learn more about VNS3:turret.

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Security and Connectivity Public Cloud Appliance

VNS3 is a hybrid overlay networking appliance (Router/VPN/Switch) with and added application delivery controller layer 4-7 service plugin system.  Launch VNS3:net instances with your application deployment to provide security and connectivity.  Learn more about VNS3:net.

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Free Cloud Connectivity and Security

Gain access, visibility and control from the application layer. VNS3 is a hybrid overlay networking appliance of six devices in one: router, switch, firewall, VPN concentrator, protocol redistributor, scriptable API and extensible NFV container. Learn more about VNS3:vpn.

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VNS3:ms & VNS3:ha

Monitor, manage, and failover complex cloud networks

Network complexity can prevent enterprise teams from following security and HA best practices. Now, VNS3:ms plus VNS3:ha offers a single dashboard that lets you control and auto failover all of your virtual networks with ease. Learn more about Network Consoles.

Reduce Network Complexities

Supported Clouds

They provide the cloud. VNS3 makes it more secure.

Make network controls and access follow your rules to ensure a secure cloud environment for your vital cloud deployments. VNS3 is available on: Amazon EC2 and VPC, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, Google Compute Platform, CenturyLink Cloud, Abiquo, Rackspace, Verizon Terremark, ElasticHosts, and more.

Don’t see the cloud you want to use?  No problem. We can help you get set up with VNS3 in most virtualized environments with our professional services team.