VNS3 NATe provides Network Address Translation (NAT) functions at a significantly cheaper price than the cloud provider alternatives. NATe allows instances in a private cloud subnet to connect to services outside your VPC/VNET but prevents external services/devices from initiating a connection with your instances. Replace your existing NAT Gateways to save money, increase control, and have access to better support.

NATe Network Diagram

Same NAT, Reduced Cost

If you use NAT Gateways, you are overpaying. Cloud providers charge a Data Processing fee (typically $0.045 / GB) on top of the already expensive runtime cost for the NAT Gateway. It’s a cloud tax that you don’t have to pay with VNS3 NATe.

VNS3 NATe Free

Zero Premium - Limited Throughput (25mbps)
$0/hour + runtime


Enterprise NAT Gateway
$0.005/hour + runtime

Not Sure Where to Start?

NATe is available to launch and configure in all major cloud platforms, including Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. If you don’t see your cloud platform listed above, please contact us for assistance.

Questions about your unique use-case? Contact one of our experts to learn how NATe can help you reduce your cloud spend without sacrificing functionality.

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Multiple Areas of Improvement with NATe

Stop paying extra for a “well architected” application.



VNS3 NATe is build on the VNS3 application security controller platform and includes a fully featured firewall, log access, network security plug-in system to added L4-L7 network services, and more.


Stop overpaying for NAT Gateway runtime fees and completely eliminate the cloud providers’ progressive DATA TAX.  Reduce your NAT Gateway costs by 70%.



Cohesive Networks support team is based in the US and UK and are available to provide the best support experience you’ve ever experienced in the cloud.  Knowledgeable interactions and quick resolutions are their specialty.

Functional Highlights

  • Performance – run on the smallest instance sizes to maximize value or larger instances for greater total throughput
  • Secure – built on the VNS3 Application Security Controller platform to include access to the VNS3 firewall for additional and orthogonal policy enforcement for traffic flows
  • Control – access logs, network tools like tcpdump, status information
  • Customize – leverage the Cohesive Networks Plugin system to add L4-L7 network services to the NATe instance like NIDs, WAF, Proxy, LB, etc.
  • Automate – fully automate the deployment of VNS3 NATe instances as part of your existing deployment framework leveraging the RESTful API to reduce implementation costs
  • Failover – NATe can be configured in a number of HA architectures to provide the same level of insurance needed for critical infrastructure via instance auto recovery, auto scale groups, and Cohesive Networks’ own Peering and HA Container functionality
  • Upgrade – NATe is fully upgrade-able to fully licensed VNS3 controllers deployed as a single application security controller or part of secure network edge mesh

Deploying NATe to a new or existing environment is easy.

Be a FinOps Hero and Reduce Your Cloud Bill

Each cloud vendor charges for every GB of data processed by your NAT Gateway. If your network sees a lot of data, this can get expensive. With VNS3, you only pay for the virtual machine runtime.

Using Cloud’s NAT

$ 4.5

/ 100 GB processed

Using Cloud’s NAT

$ 45

/ 1000 GB processed

Using Cloud’s NAT

$ 450

/ 10,000 GB processed

Using VNS3 NATe

$ 0