VNS3 Product Pricing

VNS3 is available in public clouds and private cloud deployments. Stop spending more on multiple solutions when one will do.

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Frequent Questions

How do I launch a VNS3 image?

There are 3 main ways to launch a VNS3 VM image:

  • Through a public cloud marketplace. We are available in AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Via private image sharing. We will gladly share a private image with your account
  • We can also provide a VDI/VDK file which you can import into your environment of choice, be that VMWare or a locked down cloud environment

Need a private image or VDI file? Contact us.

How do I get a license?

The Cohesive Networks support team will provide you a license in minutes. Get in touch.

How do I upgrade my license?

Upgrading your VNS3 controller's license can be done via the VNS3 console or the API. Head over to our documentation page on upgrading for more.

Does the pricing include VM runtime costs?

No. You will need pay your cloud for the VNS3 VM runtime costs.

What is an overlay network?

The VNS3 Overlay Network is an optional feature that provides end-to-end encryption, increased performance (in most cloud environments), and IP address mobility across regions and cloud providers.

An overlay network is layered over the native networking layers, but can be independent from all underlying hardware and software.  The overlay is dependent on the native networking layers.


Head over to our support knowledge base for more information on overlay networking.

What are clientpacks?

Clientpacks are the X.509 credentials associated with a specific Overlay Network IP address. They are used to construct a secure TLS connection with VNS3 and the overlay network. The number of clientpacks you have will determine how many servers can directly join the Overlay Network.

Head over to our support knowledge base for more information on clientpacks.

Can you support UDP Multicast and/or UDP Broadcast in any form?

Depending on use-case and throughput demands VNS3 can support multicast and broadcast. However, there is an additional charge of $350 per month per VNS3 controller, although discounts are available.

* This premium does not include the runtime fees/costs associated with running VNS3 instances which vary from provider to provider (internal or external). The size of the instance deployed directly impacts the total throughput that is available for a particular VNS3 controller. If you would like to discuss which instance is right for your use-case or what the total cost of a VNS3 cloud network will be for your project, contact us.

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