Launch in Azure

Use the Azure Marketplace, ARM starters, or Terraform templates to launch and configure in 30 minutes or less. For custom VNS3 images, contact Cohesive to deliver the image directly to your Azure account. We offer two editions in the Azure Marketplace: VNS3 Free (our free edition) and VNS3 Lite. Keep scrolling for more detailed deployment resources.

Launch from Azure portal

  1. Log in to the Azure portal
  2. Configure your VNET environment per our VNS3 Setup Instructions
  3. Launch a VNS3 Controller via Azure Marketplace or contact us for a private image
  4. Use the VNS3 configuration guides to initialize and configure your VNS3 instance

Launch With Terraform

Launch With Azure Resource Templates

Not sure how to get started? Contact our experts to get connected today.

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