Let Cohesive Networks run your Cloud Network for you.

Our team has years of cloud and network experience to provide you and your connected customers/partners with premium network architecture, management, and support.

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Get in touch with one of our Technical Managers

Not sure if SecurePass is right for you? Our Technical Managers (think combination of service manager and technician superhero) are available to walk through our SecurePass offering. We also have a simple yet comprehensive on-boarding process that helps us understand how we can maximize our value to you and your organization.

Focus on what makes you great!

Cloud and Cloud Networking expertise is expensive to build.  Just because your business is run in the cloud doesn’t mean your business has to be about the cloud.  Cloud Networking is our core business.  Leverage the lessons we’ve learned over the years as a pioneer in cloud network and security.


Focused Attention on Customer

You cannot automate the nuanced, knowledgeable interaction with customers around connectivity. 

Automated Monitoring and Alerting

Centralized monitoring via our VNS3:ms as well as integrations to your Alerting and Log Analysis services.



Globally distributed support staff means you always have access to knowledgable and professional network experts.


Standard, Reliable Connection Profile

Governance in creating a standard set of connection parameters is essential to secure multi-party connectivity.


Expertise in all Connectivity Devices

We have confidence and expertise with all makes/models of connectivity devices (Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, etc.).


Distributed Cloud

Run workloads across multiple cloud environments today or future-proof your deployment for tomorrow.

Pricing based on number of Connected Customers1

99.9% Uptime2

$ 2,500


99.9% Uptime

$ 3,500


99.99% Uptime

$ 4,000


99.99% Uptime

$ 5,000


1 Connected Customer includes connecting up to eight related customer sites. Additional sites available at additional price.

2 Downtime excludes cloud outages, internet interruptions and carrier failures

3 As defined by NIST (e.g. government, energy, healthcare, financial, critical infrastructure)

  • Ease of management
  • Increase network availability (increase mtf)
  • Increase network reliability (reduce mtr)
  • Level 1 – Level 3 support for all network issues
  • Outsource network accountability to market leader and trusted partner
  • Refocus fixed staff costs on roles and expertise central to your competitive advantage
  • Leverage Cohesive’s economy of scale
  • Clear and concise periodic status updates from your network expert on your connection estate
  • Auditor-level visibility into the network architecture and management for regulated industries
  • Industry leading network expertise and support.
  • 24×7 monitoring and support of the connections from both your customers and to your cloud properties.
  • Review of existing extranet connections using our connection health coding system (Red, Yellow, Green) and tailored stability plans per the remote device make/model/software version.
  • Review of existing cloud network (Overlay or Underlay) using our best practices to guarantee the highest performing and most resilient deployments.
  • Refined 3rd party connection on boarding process proven to reduce the iterations when building a site-to-site VPN while creating the most resilient connection for long term stability.
  • Support reports and support site views so you can review the interactions your customers have with Cohesive Networks.
  • VNS3:ms provided automated high availability failover for maximum reliability during instance outage events.
  • Connection SLA uptime depending on purchased tier.
  • VNS3 controller patches and version upgrades scheduled with the connecting party to ensure your customers are connecting to the latest and greatest Cloud Network appliance.
  • Cohesive Networks will have quarterly scheduled operational windows with all 3rd parties for upgrades or configuration changes as needed.
  • Cloud Network infrastructure is run in customer account.
  • Cohesive staff has access to the VNS3 controllers UI/API.
  • Cohesive staff has access to underlying cloud infrastructure via IAM role or similar.
  • Site-to-Site connections follow a Cohesive approved connection profile for maximum stability.
  • Encrypted Network configurations follow Cohesive’s best practices.
  • Unencrypted Network configurations follow Cohesive’s best practices.

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