Cohesive VNS3 is the most secure AWS VPN solution for your VPC, hybrid-cloud, or public cloud deployment. VNS3 enables you to build your own custom overlay networks with encrypted, controlled, and monitored access over top of any IaaS network.

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What Does it Do?

VNS3 allows you to securely connect to your cloud-based systems and servers with added flexibility and control. With over 2,100 connected customers in more than 22 countries, VNS3 offers customers enhanced AWS VPN services on top of and between any cloud platform network. VNS3 is a hybrid virtual device that acts as six devices in one: router, switch, SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator, firewall, protocol re-distributor, and extensible NFV.

Increase Cloud Capability, Not Complexity

VNS3 doesn’t require new knowledge or training to implement, so you can integrate with existing network equipment. Most cloud VPNs do not allow customers to have insight or control over critical network security and connectivity features, such as addressing, topology management, dynamic access, encryption keys, and UDP multicast protocols. With VNS3 you fully control the network and encryption keys so you can create secure, custom, encrypted AWS IPSec tunnels between any IPSec-compliant devices.
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Launch & Configure Free in 30 Minutes!

In the AWS Marketplace

Launch and Configuration Instructions – give your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployment the best Amazon Cloud VPN in less than 30 minutes with VNS3:

  1. Log in to the AWS Console.
  2. Configure your VPC environment per our VNS3 Setup Instructions.
  3. Launch a VNS3 Controller via AWS Marketplace or contact us for premium edition private AMI and subscription information.
  4. Use the VNS3 Configuration Guide to initialize and configure your VNS3 instance.
  5. Plug some of your other AWS VPC or EC2-based servers into the VPC overlay network.

AWS Quick Start Reference Guide

We’re proud to announce the release of our first AWS Quick Start reference deployment for configuring and launching our VNS3 overlay network for your cloud application. Working closely with Amazon we’ve leveraged the proven power of AWS CloudFormation to take our secure and scalable solution and make it even more accessible. With our Quick Start deployment, VNS3 can easily secure your cloud application to AWS HIPAA and HITECH standards in as few as fifteen minutes, supported by best practice tools and strategies for automating your infrastructure deployments. 

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