Announcing the Launch of our New Website!

by | 7 Jan 2021

As our customers’ needs continue to evolve our controller and plugin systems have grown from a Swiss army knife of virtual devices to full-blown cloud edge networking functionality. We are hard at work finalizing the next major release of our VNS3 controller and as we look into the future we saw a need to reposition and re-package our offerings. In order to facilitate this transition we’re thrilled to announce that we’re starting off the new year with a brand new website, and we wanted to take the opportunity to explain our design choices and some of the decision making that is leading us forward.

New Messaging Goals

Our main goal in redesigning our website is to help new and existing customers better understand all of the many pain points that our offerings address while giving us a platform to talk about new packaging, pricing, and features as they relate directly to these use cases. We’ve also put a lot of work into our UI over recent years and are excited to be able to put product screenshots in the spotlight. We’re hoping new and existing customers will appreciate the increased transparency of a more direct messaging style as we move forward.

Plugin Manager

Another major focus of this transition is to get more users launching VNS3 to try it for themselves. We’ve spent a lot of time revamping our documentation site, and we’re adding more quickstarts with AWS Cloudformation, terraform, Azure, and more. As we move forward we’re planning to release more short-form, tutorial-focused content to help new and existing users get the most out of their VNS3 deployments. We’re also releasing new free tier packages like our People VPN offering that went live to address remote work needs that arose last year.