Essential Key State Management in VNS3

by | 16 Apr 2020

Cloud and network virtualization have created the opportunity to have virtual networks that transit your applications and staff to, through and across the clouds. These networks can stretch across the globe in multiple, to 10s of locations (points of presence) or more. In the case of Cohesive Networks our virtual networks are used to create cryptographically secure overlay networks in full mesh architectures. When implementing the cryptographic mesh (at scale machine-to-machine VPN) it is critical that the cryptographic credentials can be easily managed across the controller mesh. Our goal at Cohesive is to make managing the credentials straightforward and clear; associating credentials with users via tagging, enabling/disabling so that credentials can only be used when desired, checked out/in state to help manage via automation, check log information for specific credentials, and manage certificate revocation. Below is a short video showing the key elements of straightforward key state management in an N-way VNS3 controller mesh.

Hopefully the video highlights the essential key state management capabilities we have strived for. They are part of the foundation of the VNS3 Controllers which are used to build a wide array of service edge use cases. VNS3 encrypted topologies combined with our plug and play security system, you or your management service provider can achieve both Workload and Workforce mobility using secure network virtualization.