Navigating the Cloud Transition: Simplified Solutions for Legacy Applications

by | 18 Jan 2024


Overcoming the Complexities of Cloud Migration with Cohesive Networks’ VNS3 Plugin System

Transitioning legacy applications to the cloud can be a daunting task. The challenges are numerous: complex network reconfigurations, increased costs, extended downtimes, and potential security risks. These hurdles are particularly pronounced for applications that rely on broadcast functionality, a common feature in many legacy systems yet challenging to implement in cloud environments – and entirely missing from the offerings of today’s major cloud providers.

Addressing the Core Challenges:

Complex Network Reconfiguration:
Legacy applications often depend on specific network features, like Layer 2 broadcast, which aren’t natively supported in cloud environments. Reconfiguring these applications for cloud networks usually means extensive and costly alterations.

Cost and Resource Allocation:
Moving to the cloud shouldn’t mean breaking the bank or pushing back deadlines. Traditional methods involve hiring specialists or investing in extensive development work, leading to spiraling costs and repeated delays.

Downtime and Operational Delays:
Every minute your application isn’t fully operational impacts your business. Lengthy transitions and testing periods are common with traditional cloud migration methods. The more your application has to change to fit a new environment, the greater the chances for costly mistakes.

Security Concerns:
Adapting legacy applications to the cloud can introduce vulnerabilities, especially when modifying network architectures. New code means new bugs, and new configuration introduces opportunities for human error.

The VNS3 Solution

At Cohesive Networks, we’ve developed a new plugin for our VNS3 software that specifically addresses these issues for applications requiring broadcast functionality. Our solution allows for a seamless and efficient transition to the cloud, without the need for extensive network reconfiguration or application rewriting.

Ease of Use:
With our plugin, most broadcast-dependent applications can be migrated to the cloud with minimal setup and no changes to the existing code or application workflow.

Our approach significantly reduces the need for expensive network specialists, extensive redevelopment, offering a more budget-friendly solution.

Minimized Downtime:
Our streamlined process ensures a faster and smoother transition, reducing operational disruptions. HA and failover options mean that you won’t sacrifice the inherent reliability of cloud environments.

Secure Transition:
VNS3 maintains a strong security posture throughout the migration process, ensuring your data and applications are protected.

Your Path to Cloud Efficiency

Embrace the future of cloud networking with Cohesive Networks. VNS3 isn’t just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that makes your cloud networking efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Experience a smoother transition and enable your applications to thrive in a new cloud environment with ease and confidence.

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