News Roundup: Week of Apr 18, 2021

by | 22 Apr 2021

News roundup

FCC Re-Establishes CSRIC to Tackle 5G and Solar Winds Attacks

The FCC recently announced that a federal advisory committee will be re-established “with a primary focus on improving 5G network security.” This announcement also cites the recent security breaches affecting the communications sector, especially the Solar Winds breach, in needing to revamp the CSRIC for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The FCC intends to “re-establish CSRIC on or before June 30, 2021 for a period of two years.”

SASE Market Continues to Grow

VentureBeat recently highlighted the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market as “showing tangible, long-term momentum in just its second year as a new technology segment.” The article states that SASE provides “long-term assurances for unified security across the entire organization,” which is especially important in our widely WFH world. SASE technology also allows you to streamline “complex security and WAN implementations” and build “user-centric security frameworks,” that are a necessity as the 5G-powered cloud edge begins to develop.

FBI Begins Court-Ordered Culling of Microsoft Exchange Servers

The US Department of Justice recently issued an unprecedented court order for the FBI “removal of the malicious web shells” from vulnerable versions of Microsoft Exchange servers from networks in the US. Months after a January Chinese-led espionage campaign that exploited four day zero vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server, many of the vulnerable web shells were still in place. According to released court records, “FBI personnel will access the web shells, enter passwords, make an evidentiary copy of the web shell, and then issue a command through each” of the web shells, to delete them. The announcement did include a promise from the FBI to attempt to inform all network owners impacted by the search and of impacted computers affected by this process.