What can the biggest cybersecurity incidents teach us?

by | 25 Jul 2017

3 Lessons learned from past attacks and how to better protect data in the future

Late last year, TrendMicro published a roundup of 2016 cybersecurity incidents, ranging from the massive Yahoo account breach to the increasing risks of ransomware. What can the security mistakes of the past teach us?

Let’s take a look beyond the FUD and headlines into the root causes and best practices to avoid future security breaches. First, a dive into 2016’s worst news and what we know for certain. Next, some hypothesizing on how both employees and systems could have prevented the issue and/or spread. Finally, a summary of best practices that can make the future a more secure place for your data.

Lesson Learned: Hackers are organized and savvy

One unfortunate trend of 2016 was the increase in professional hacking organizations. Phishing and social engineering are how hackers’ get the front door key, while ransomware is the phone call with reward demands.

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Note how the phishing page asks for your phone number – I assume to request the victim forward the attacker the 2FA code. They’re adapting.


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